My New Office

As a programmer, I spend a lot of time in my office. It’s my sanctuary. It’s where I do all of my work, where I learn a lot of new things, and where I have a lot of fun.

Since I moved into my new apartment several months back, I’ve had a pretty decent setup. I had a 6-foot Costco desk (hey, they’re only 50$), and used that to hold all of my stuff. It wasn’t pretty–but it worked. A few days ago Sami and I were at Office Depot and I saw a desk I couldn’t leave behind, so I ordered it. Yesterday it arrived, and I finally got it all built and setup (with the help of Sami, and my sister). It’s a large corner desk and a new cedar / leather chair. Definitely a step up.

I decided to take pictures of the whole thing (my old desk, me cleaning out the room, me building the new desk and chair, and the final result). Let me know what you think! I love checking out other people’s workplaces, and I hope you enjoy mine!

Office 1

Office 2

Office 3

Office 4

Office 5

Office 6

Office 7

Office 8

Office 9

Office 10

Office 11

Office 12

Office 13

Office 14

Office 15

Office 16

Office 17

Office 18

Office 19

Office 20

Office 21