Hack Things at the LA Hackathon

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I know several things about you right now:

  1. You are more than likely a programmer. I know this because most of my writing here on this site is dedicated to programming, and I doubt you’d be here unless you’re interested in the topic.
  2. You like doing awesome things. I know this because everyone likes doing awesome things.
  3. You want to be better at coding stuff. I know this because if you’re reading blogs about programming, you’re probably interested in becoming a better programmer. Everyone wants to improve at the things they love.

Given those assumptions, I’m here to tell you that if you live in California, you should really be going to the LA Hackathon on November 4, 2012. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Eureka, SF, Los Gatos, or San Diego–if you live in California, code stuff, and like being awesome, you should make plans (right now!) to go to this event.

Here’s why:

This event is all about working on open source software, and contributing to the community. It doesn’t matter how great of a coder you are–if you’re passionate about building fucking amazing software, hacking on open source projects is an excellent way to get better. As an added benefit, your work will be helping other people, and that’s always a good thing.

NOTE: Don’t have an open source project to work on? Don’t fucking sweat it! There are going to be lots of people to collaborate with–you can get involved on someone else’s project, join one of the groups, or start something completely new.

You’re going to meet amazing people. This event is filled with awesome programmers. The people hosting it are incredibly well known kick ass programmers, and the people coming are equally bad ass. Regardless of whether you’re an intro or extrovert, you’ll be making some awesome friends, guaranteed.

BREAKFAST. LUNCH. DINNER. Need I say more? The food is always good (I know from experience), and you will have some awesome jet fuel in your tummy to help you rock your software all day long.

“Idea Guy Security”. Know those idea guys that are always going to tech meetups and bothering you? Those dudes who just need a programmer for 5 hours to implement the next Facebook? Those same dudes who heckle you all night trying to get you to work for free on their Instagram clone? Those guys are getting kicked out at the door. This event is famous for kicking recruiters, idea guys, and non-programmers out before they get in. This means you’ll be surrounded by awesome programmers all day, and won’t have to worry about business people bothering you.

You’re going to have fun. If you’ve never been in a room full of programmers, all hacking away on awesome stuff and chatting–it’s a beautiful thing. This is the 5th LA Hackathon, and each time they seem to get better and better. I always end up writing amazing code, meeting really awesome people, and having a blast.

In conclusion, you should really be going to this thing. It’s a fucking TON of fun, filled with amazing guys (and gals), and worth a long drive and the 10$ ticket price.

If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here: http://www.meetup.com/LA-Hackathons/events/85658952/.

Be sure to get your ticket quick though, this event ALWAYS SELLS OUT, and is incredibly popular. There are only 150 open slots this time, so get yours now!

Hope to see you there >:)