Sometimes You've Got To Kill It

Lion Sketch

I’ve noticed that sometimes, doing the things you enjoy just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to do more.

I often get that feeling deep down that I’m not being the best I can be–I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I’m not getting out there, doing the stuff I love to do, and completely destroying it. Sometimes I feel weak, tired, and beaten–and the only thing I can think about or focus on is absolute victory.

I find that when I’m in this mindset, there’s only one way to satisfy my craving: to put 100% of my effort into what I’m doing, and absolutely crush it. If I’m working on one of my companies, I’ll do whatever needs to be done to take it to the next level: 4 hour hackathon, 8 hour hackathon, 24 hour hackathon–whatever it takes.

If I’m working on a writing project when I get this urge–I’ll lock myself up in a quiet room and I won’t allow myself to leave until I’ve completely finished what I need to do.

No matter how difficult the task, no matter how much energy or effort it takes, I’ll not only do it–but I’ll do it as best as it can possibly be done.

This is the only way to satisfy the craving.

Sometimes you’ve got to listen to the voice in your head that tells you to just keep going. When you’re feeling down, and there are a million voices telling you to give up–sometimes you need to listen to the one voice that’s telling you to get out there, and kick some ass.

You know that deep down, even though you’re tired, you’re capable of a lot more. Give yourself some credit. Push your limits. If you’re not struggling to advance, you’re falling into the abyss.

Get out there, and kill it.