Too Short

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Some quick thoughts about how life is just too short to do stuff you hate.

If you’re an engineer working on a product you can’t stand, it really isn’t worth it to stick around and keep working on the same thing. If you can code things, you have the power (quite literally) to build your own wealth, however you choose.

Whether you want to work at a big company on a big product (with lots of other engineers), whether you want to work at a tech startup on a product you love (with a few amazing people), whether you want to build a company you’re passionate about, or whether you want to build technology for clients–you have the ability to choose what you work on, and get paid along the way.

Since work is such a large part of life, slaving away on products you hate is probably the fastest way to build stress, burn yourself out, and lower your morale.

If you’re stuck in a position you don’t want to be in, call in sick for a day or two and really think about what you want to do with your time:

  • Is there something amazing you want to build?
  • Is there something you really enjoy doing that you’re not doing now?
  • Can you use your skills in a better way than you are now?

Once you’ve thought it through, don’t go easy on yourself. Make a decision. Hold your ground. Things always seems crazy at first (until you do them), so don’t let your fear make your decisions for you.

There’s just not enough time in life to do things you hate, so instead of wasting your time away, just do the things you love to do.