Zoro Sketch

Ever seen a truly fearless person? If so, you’re likely one of the few people on earth who have.

Truly fearless people are incredibly rare. Having the courage, willpower, and dedication to your goals to face them without fear is something that not many people are willing to do. Being able to crush whatever obstacles are in your way (regardless of how large and imposing they are) is an almost insurmountable task – for anyone.

Life will constantly throw obstacles into your path – how will you react to them?

In today’s world, you grow up being taught how to fear:

  • You must obey all the arbitrary laws imposed by the government under which you were born.
  • You must go to school, and force yourself to perform to a certain level or else you’ll face the wrath of parents, teachers, and society.
  • You must take these pills to stay healthy, or else fear that you’ll get whichever disease is most talked about at this point in time.
  • You must keep quiet about things that you know are wrong, otherwise you’ll face punishment by society.

There’s truly a never ending list of fears that modern society instills in you from birth. Is it all planned? One big conspiracy to keep the average person living in a bubble? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

The average person will grow up with such a fear-based view of the world that it’s incredible anyone ever breaks out of the mold at all.

I’ve been mulling this over for the past several years – what is life about, anyway? Why must we (as individuals) live to a certain standard? Why can’t we make our own decisions and live freely without worrying what other people will think of us?

Allowing yourself to be held back by your fears is an incredibly draining thing. If you constantly question your thoughts and actions, instead of living the life you want to live, you’ll end up living a life you’ve been forced to live.

There’s nobody out there fighting for you except you. Nobody will tell you that you need to start living your life the way you want to. It’s all up to you.

Instead of making decisions based on your fears, maybe it’s time you decide who you want to be. Not what you want to be like, but who you want to be. When you decide who you want to be, don’t sell yourself short. Give it everything you’ve got.

If you’re 300lbs overweight and want to become a bodybuilder, the only person holding you back is you. Don’t be afraid of what other people think – get out there, and do whatever needs to be done to reach your goals. It’s going to be hard work. People are going to say all sorts of things. But do you want to continue living your life the way it is – wanting more, but being too afraid to chase after your dreams? Or do you want to suck it up, say fuck it, and fight your way to the top? Which will it be?

You’ve only got one life to live. You might as well live fully and die knowing you’ve stayed true to yourself and your ambitions. I know that I’d be able to die in peace knowing that I didn’t care about the rest of the world and spent all of my effort doing what I think is right, regardless of what others think.